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Emergency Naloxone Boxes & Bags

If you are interested in finding out more about Emergency Naloxone Boxes and their benefits in Housing sites and private Single Room Occupancy's (SRO) please click to download the guide here. Please download this information and use at your sites.

The guide provides information on:

  • What an Emergency Naloxone Box is.

  • How an Emergency Naloxone Box can be used

  • Protocols around using an Emergency Naloxone Box

  • Signs and labels you can you with the boxes

  • Where to purchase a suitable box

  • Harm reduction and overdose response resources

Some sites have found alternatives to the boxes, such as keeping emergency naloxone in a ‘Ziploc’ bag tacked to the wall instead; as boxes in some spaces can be obstructive or considered a fire hazard.

If you still have any further questions about the boxes, then contact Shannon Riley, VCH Nurse Educator, who is the lead for this project, at

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