Hands only compressions for OD Response

A new province-wide practice update from BCEHS, on hands only chest compressions. The key updates from the detailed document have been summarised below:

New Procedure:

BCEHS Practice Update Hands Only Chest Compression Instructions for Peer Workers
Download DOCX • 147KB

Poster download here:

BCEHS EMCT Practice Update
Download PDF • 63KB

New practice update on chest compressions for 911 call-takers from BC Emergency Health Services:

· 911 call-takers will no longer recommend chest compressions for trained peer workers calling from OPS and SCS

· Chest compressions are not needed in overdoses where the person has a pulse and is responded to very quickly (as in a witnessed OD in an OPS). The priority is to support airway, breathing, and naloxone in these cases.

· If a caller identifies themselves as a trained peer worker and confirms the person has a pulse, the call taker will give instructions to maintain airway and give ventilations when needed, but will not advise compressions

· You can read the update for call-takers attached above in the word document. Thanks to all of the people with lived experience, OPS staff, and community who brought this issue to light.

Jennifer.Bolster@bcehs.ca is your contact if you have any questions or would like to connect!

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