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Restrictions related to splitting and sharing in SCS/OPS

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Dr Peter Centre - Survey on restrictions related to splitting and sharing in SCS/OPS – They have identified restrictions to splitting and sharing which create barriers to accessibility and heighten risk for people accessing these services.

Dr Peter Centre identified this as a key area for change and formed a working group in partnership with CAPUD with the goal of making change. This working group is a collaborative, interdisciplinary team made up of people with living/lived expertise, researchers, lawyers, and clinicians all sharing their expertise to lead the charge in removing barriers to splitting and sharing in the SCS/OPS setting.

The splitting & sharing working group has created a survey to inform its work. They are hoping to gather feedback from SCS/OPS workers and participants across Canada on their experience. The purpose of these questions is to gather anonymous testimonials about benefits and challenges of allowing splitting and sharing in SCS/OPS settings. Your contributions and those of every other respondent will help shape resources that we will use to propose policy improvements related to splitting and sharing.

People with living/lived expertise are eligible for a one-time honoraria payment of $20, and will be asked at the end of the survey to provide an email address for e-transfer.

Here is a link to the English version of the survey:

A maximum of 200 respondents are being sought and will close the survey if/when they reach that cap. Please do not share the link to the survey on social media at this point.

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