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Updated: Episodic Overdose Prevention Services (2023)

Episodic overdose prevention services (e-OPS) is a service that health care and social service providers (all non-regulated and regulated providers, including paramedics and peer supports) can offer on an as needed basis and in any setting where overdoses may occur. Based on peer witnessing or episodic witnessing services, this protocol is meant to offer observed consumption services anywhere and anytime it’s needed rather than at a fixed site.

Recently BCCDC have revised resources related to the Provincial eOPS Protocol after a series of engagements. The resources are posted on the domain, under the Harm Reduction Clinical Resources, Overdose Prevention & Response.

See the new series of resources here:

You can email Emily Sollows at BCCDC if you have any questions or VCH Clinical Practice Lead Nancy Chow for more informaiton about EOPS.


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