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COVID Vaccine Cards information

BC Vaccine Card Facts- version 2
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Starting Sept. 13, 2021, individuals will need to show proof of vaccination at higher-risk social and recreational events and settings (listed above)

As of Sept. 13, one dose of vaccine will be required for entry into these settings.

As of Oct. 24, entry to these settings will require people to be fully vaccinated with two doses of COVID-19 vaccine.

From Sept. 13 to Sept. 26, during the transition period, you can use a paper copy of the immunization record that you would’ve received at your COVID-19 immunization clinic. You have until Sept. 27 to get your official BC Vaccine card.

If you received your vaccinations without having registered at (i.e. at a DTES or other pop up clinic) you must go to this site and register BEFORE applying for your vaccine card. This will ensure that your information is in the vaccine card system. ​

The BC Vaccine Card requirement is currently set to be in place until Jan. 31, 2022 and is subject to possible extension. For more information and to get your BC Vaccine Card, visit

How might this impact marginalized populations and communities?

This card will give others access to legal names and date of birth. People should not share this information over the internet and people doing sex work should not share with clients

Other factors to consider for frontline service providers/clients and people who may have difficulty accessing services/vaccine cards:

The communities and services we work with will undoubtedly have concerns about the vaccine cards. The government has not yet provided guidance on how to support people who do not have access/or will have difficulty using this new system to access services.

See more information here:

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