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Community Transitional Care Team - PHS

The Community Transition Care Team (CTCT) is an acute care clinic in a residential setting that provides transitional care and IV-antibiotic therapy to patients who have been released to community care from St. Paul’s and Vancouver General Hospitals.

Residents receive access to IV antibiotic treatment, 24/7 medical care, and psychosocial support.

CTCT provides the patient with the dignity of a home, nutritious food and unconditional support in a harm reduction setting.

CTCT is located on the second floor of the Pennsylvania Hotel and is made up of a co-managed team of both Vancouver Coastal Health and PHS staff. The CTCT is tremendously successful in delivering clinical care and enhancing dignity through providing a home-like environment with a private room with a kitchen and a bathroom. Program residents can come and go as they please, provided they remain engaged with medication and clinical appointments.


Calli Shapiro, RN, BScN

Clinical Coordinator, CTCT -


Pennsylvania Supported Suites & Community Transitional Care Team – Project Manager

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