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Voting in the Elections

Please see below for info on voting in the elections and how you can vote if you do not have ID. There are several options to vote.

Download DOCX • 1.80MB

Additional voting info:

PHS has indicated that they always assist their residents who don’t have ID by verifying their identity during elections.This may be the case with other housing buildings.

If people are not living or sheltering in non-profits but are clients of Pigeon Park Savings, they can ask for assistance there as well for verifying ID.

Vancouver Women’s Health Collective is happy to verify any non-male-identifying community members as well.

There’s word that there’s a pop-up voting support booth of sorts on Pender. This has not been confirmed however. (Possibly the district electoral office at 87 E Pender

Please below for the necessary documents to read through before voting.

367 Acceptable Identification for Voting
Download • 378KB
3009 You Need Identification to Vote car
Download • 333KB
717 Confirmation of Residence Poster_202
Download • 73KB

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