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Toxic Drugs & ideas to stay alive

Overdose Safety Planning involves a variety of measures and steps which people who use substances and practitioners, clients, community members, frontline workers, peers can all use in order to prevent overdoses.

Below is a poster for organizations and sites can use to remind people of harm reduction safety measures which can be taken. Please see this poster of harm reduction steps and ideas to prevent overdoses and stay alive following consumption/inhalation/injection of toxic drugs.

ideas to stay alive (2) (002)
Download PDF • 71KB

For more information visit - or email

Help us warn people about contaminated street drugs If someone overdoses (OD’s), tell us what happened and we'll send out an overdose alert. Use one of the following methods:

  1. Fill out this anonymous form to report an overdose

  2. Text “bad dope” to (236) 999-DOPE (3673)

Get drug contamination alerts

If you’d like to receive drug contamination alerts, text “alert” to (236) 999-DOPE (3673).

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