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Orange Shirt Day - Sept 30th

Wear an Orange Shirt Day – Sept 30th – This day which honors the national movement to recognize the experience of survivors of Indian residential schools in Canada.

To remember and pay respect to those children who attended these schools and those who sadly died at these schools over 1831 - 1996.

On the path to reconciliation and healing, indigenous people’s bravery and resilience is celebrated on this day by wearing an Orange shirt. This is because in 1973 when six-year-old Phyllis Webstad entered the St. Joseph Mission Residential School, outside of Williams Lake, BC, young Phyllis was wearing a brand new orange shirt for her first day of school bought for her by her grandmother – but her new shirt was quickly stripped from her and replaced with the school's institutional uniform.

To find out more about residential schools and orange shirt day please see article here.

You can wear an orange shirt on this day in support and other ways you can donate and support is through the Every Child Matters Program here.

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