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Nasal Naloxone during COVID updated April 2021

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Please see updates from this Nov 2020 post:

The VCH Overdose Emergency Response team have confirmed with VCH Infection Control that Nasal Naloxone is not an Aerosol Generating Medical Procedure (AGMP) and so it can be used during COVID using droplet and contact precautions (i.e. gloves, medical mask, eye protection).

Nasal Naloxone training is very straightforward and the same as naloxone administration using the - same SAVE ME steps (scroll to the bottom of the toward the heart training page) as the injectable naloxone except that the “M” for medication is to be replaced with insertion of the nasal Naloxone applicator and press the plunger. Any trained person can train someone else at your sites.

There is a useful training video from FNHA and WAHRS here: This video was made pre Covid so be sure to add PPE : wearing gloves mask and eye protection to this.

Download PDF • 100KB

Please download the useful community info on nasal naloxone here and below is an order form for supplies.

Narcan Nasal Spray Bulk Supply - Order F
Download • 17KB
Download • 774KB

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