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Illicit Theatre Show Online

Illicit in Space Friday, November 6, 8pm Online, Registration Available - Register Free, donations appreciated

The Downtown Eastside shadow theatre ensemble Illicit presents a pre-recorded presentation of an original, satirical workshop performance, Illicit in Space! Members of the DTES navigate their way into space from our scorched, withered and post COVID-19 future planet to the soon-to-be-colonized planet Mars. The rebel crew face issues such as colonialism, racism, political and social in-fighting, drug policy, gender identity, capitalism, sex work and a safe supply in the new world.

Illicit in Space is written and produced by David Mendes and Oona Krieg. Co-written by Nicolas Crier, Jenny Hawkinson, Mariah Main, Jim Mcleod and Matt Kennedy. Directed by David Mendes. Illicit is a community-engaged arts-based research project dedicated to the rights of people who use illicit drugs.

This show is part of the Heart of the City Festival which is Taking place until November 8th - all events are online or enjoyed in person (safe restrictions for COVID in place) Check out the schedule here:

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