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Guy Felicella - Congrats on Vancouver Power 50!

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Vancouver Magazine writes on November 9th "This list tries to capture some of the people who helped (and are still helping) Vancouver navigate the greatest public health threat in half a century. But it also recognizes that there was more than COVID: there was a scary ramp up in the opioid crisis, a social justice call to arms, an improbable spike in real estate prices and a hundred other issues that made Vancouver the always-compelling place to live that it is." Vancouver Magazine

We would like to particularly recognize and congratulate a close colleague of ours, Guy Felicella, who works as Peer Clinical Advisor for both Vancouver Coastal Health and BC Centre on Substance Use; as well as other projects and liaison with the Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions and school districts on outreach and numerous awareness initiatives.

"Guy has become a sought-after motivational speaker, and TED Talk alum, who has spoken about safe supply and overcoming his own addiction". Vancouver Magazine

We are beyond grateful and inspired for the work Guy has done and continues to do to support and advocate for drug users and drug policy.

"While the world sprung into action to combat the dangers of COVID, another pandemic continued to devastate, undeterred: the opioid crisis. With death tolls outnumbering that of the virus, addiction and contaminated drugs are still decimating the population of the Downtown Eastside. The province has been criticized for its lack of meaningful action, but harm-reduction advocates are pushing for change and support for the drug-using community and helped forward the debate on drug policy in the process". Vancouver Magazine

Click here to see the full list for 2020:

Also click here for a link to Guy's Ted Talk about Safe Supply -

A link with Guy on the news on how to educate youth on addiction and harm reduction -

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