COVID OD Response for OPS/SCS/Housing sites

The following advice and protocols have been updated on the sneezes and diseases website and here, to reflect changes in PPE guidance. Please see Jan 2021 poster linked below for download.

Please see below an infographic (click image for full steps poster) to address the COVID OD Response for OPS/SCS/Housing sites in Vancouver, BC.

If any site wishes for additional support by a nurse educator to assess site safety, and give advice of improving services for COVID precaution and infection, protection and control (IPAC) then please contact

Other Resources:

BCCDC OD Recommendations: BCCDC Responding to Opioid Overdoses in OPS and SCS

VCH COVID-19 information:

VCH COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control resources:

VCH COVID-19 Community Resources:

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