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A Resource Guide for community members in Vancouver DTES

The Vancouver Coalition Against Prohibition and Overdose (CAPO) have put together a Resource Guide to share with the community in Vancouver's Downtown East Side.

The guide includes information including the following:

  • Food - free or low cost food

  • Shelter, Drop in community centres and permanent accomodation

  • Medical services

  • Drug user resources

  • Drinker resources

  • Sex worker support

  • Support groups for men, women and indigenous people

  • Disability resources

  • Support for seniors

  • Youth services

  • Crisis line support

  • Legal advocacy

  • Welfare, tax, ID and employment services

  • Recycling/junk removal services

  • Phone/Internet access

  • Public Transit/Transport services

Click the above image to download the guide. If you have any questions please contact Eris Nyx

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