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Celebrating People with lived experience – providing knowledge and expertise in the OD Crisis

The Overdose Outreach Team (OOT) is excited to announce that two peers/people with lived experience (PWLE) from Raincity are joining their team as Peer Support Specialists. The two peers will support the OOT team on a full-time basis and offer outreach services in the local Vancouver community.

OOT are thrilled to welcome on board CeeJai Julian and Brittany Pallett to the team and expand their capacity and support services within Vancouver.

CeeJai Julian, Peer Support Specialist (left) is one of the new peers, photographed with Outreach worker Chris Dickinson (right). OOT's other Peer Support Specialist, not pictured here is Brittany Pallett.

Photography accreditation to Sam Pranteau (Tenant Overdose Response Organisers - TORO)

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