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Tablet iOAT program at Molson OPS

The Molson OPS, operated by the Portland Hotel Society (PHS) is piloting an iOAT (injectable Opioid Agonist Therapy) program to support those using the site to access a free and safe supply of opioids. The Hydromorphone pills marketed under the brand name Dilaudid or "Dilly" as it's known on the street, are available at the Molson OPS and these can be crushed up and prepared for injection.The tablet is available for those who are experiencing repeated overdoses and test positive for opioids through a urine drug test screening with the Addictions Nurses at the Molson clinic.

53 individuals are currently on the program. 88 more people are on the wait list, which continues to grow as referrals are still being accepted at the site (especially women and indigenous applicants). The Molson is currently waiting for increased grant funding from Pharmacare in order to be able to support all those currently waiting and to serve the capacity of approximately 100 people. The cost is no more than $4 per person per day.

A few participants (approximately 6 people) are coming for the full dosing which is 10 x 8mg Hydromorphone tablets per day. The tablets are dispensed 2 at a time and people are asked to wait an hour between doses.

Participants are not experiencing OD’s or as much risk due to poverty as they do not need to access their drugs through an illicit supply. Other positives have included connection to care; some individuals have switched to OAT almost immediately and have also been referred to primary care and addictions support.

For more information about Injectable Opioid Agonist Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder visit the Safe Supply section for a guide by the BCCSU. Click here.

To contact PHS iOAT or TiOAT programs directly phone:

iOAT - 604-258-8241

TiOAT - 778-888-0256

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